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Missed last Sunday? Looking for a favorite sermon? Want to hear a Sunday teaching before you visit? Find everything you’re looking for in our teachings archive.


The Next Generation is our ministry for students grade 6 through 12. We desire to share the Gospel in fun, exciting and relevant ways to the Next Generation of God’s church. The Next Generation meets every Tuesday (during the school year) from 7 to 830 at our location.


Your kids will LOVE The Ville, our children’s ministry for kids from birth through grade 5. Our classrooms are creative and exciting and our teachers are amazing. The Ville is more than just distracting our kids while the adults attend our Sunday gathering time, it is a time to love our children, develop relationships, and share the gospel on a level that is relevant to them.


Our large Sunday Gathering times are fantastic, but, most Sundays, it’s a one-way conversation. In order to truly deepen our faith, we need time to ask questions, share life’s challenges, and develop deep, authentic relationships. Life Groups are a chance to learn in a more intimate setting with people who share common interests or life situations as you.


3M1 is our Sunday worship band, but they’re way more than that. Not only do they lead us every Sunday as we sing our praises to a great God who loves us, but they also team with some other partners in our community and travel to other sites worshiping and guiding other Christ followers.


We like to have fun and sports are fun. They’re also a great way to develop friendships and keep our bodies active and healthy. You don’t have to be good, you just have to be willing to have a good time.